Row of hot water panels on a roof.

A free service to fellow solar believers

There are many solar hot water fans who would like to add this natural-energy system to their homes. I know, because I’ve them across the country. Hopefully this collection of drawings will spark ideas and give inspiration.

During many years of creating professional solar thermal layout designs for residential projects as well as commercial and government, we’ve collected many, many drawings/schematics for domestic hot water and solar hot water systems of every type imaginable. I’m talking thousands of designs. On these pages, I’m publishing the ones I get asked about most often. We also call this our Drawings Library

The Drawings Library is divided into several general sections:

Solar Water Heating Phoenix
Solar Space and DHW Heating Versa Hydro
Foam Big Tanks Space and DHW
Panels Mounted
Kits and Instruction

The OTHER DRAWINGS category includes:

SSU-SE drainback
SSU-SB drainback
Volume water heating
Multiple strings balancing expansion
4 580-gallon large volume tanks

But you can also search by tags. I’ve used these tags.

Here’s the small text written in headline size type:

These are general designs only, to be used as idea fodder and a suggestion of the equipment you’ll need. I bear no liability for their use.