“Guessing is Not an Option” solar training

Rod Hyatt teaches intermediate and advanced solar thermal classes.

Instructions for those hosting solar seminars: You may find the following documents useful:

Instructions for those who plan to attend a solar seminar:

  1. Bring your laptop computer or a USB memory drive. For the most part, this is a paperless class. Most information will be provided digitally.
  2. Prior to class, visit the website www.dsireusa.org, and look up the solar incentives (rebates, tax credits, etc.) that fit your area and state. Bring your questions to class for further discussion. Success in today’s solar business requires familiarity with the incentives available to your customers, and will significantly drive down the cost of the projects.

Topics covered in intermediate and advanced solar training:

  • Determining hot water needs for sizing solar project
  • Hot water storage for solar and backup
  • Choosing the preferred solar system design for each application
  • Flat-plate vs. evacuated tube collector type
  • Pipe size and system volume
  • Sizing expansion and/or drainback tank
  • Sizing the pump
  • The Solar Workbook (advanced)