Updated Solar Control Instructions Manual puts you in control

The solar control is the brains behind the solar thermal system. It tells the pumps when to pump, the sensors when to sense, and the collectors when to collect — all working for maximum performance. The updated Solar Control Instructions Manual will clear away any bothersome sunspots.

Control InstructionsThe updated Solar Control Instructions Manual simplifies programming of the BS Plus Solar Controller for all types of solar-thermal systems, including drainback and pressure systems.

It also simplifies installation, with easy instructions on sensor placement and pump wiring.

Control instructions are included for such systems as: “drainback with internal coil and two pumps,” “pressure-glycol with tank-to-tank transfer,” and many more.

To download a PDF version of the Solar Control Manual, click here; for the same instruction manual in a PowerPoint presentation form, please click here. Also, check the Solar Library for other documents that will make designing solar thermal a bit more precise.