Spec sheets

HTP Solar Interactive Parts list contains links to specs for HTP solar products. This Excel solar price list and handy hub for product links is available for download.


New controller and data loggers documents available

Resol has released new brochures/spec sheets on its solar controllers and data loggers carried and recommended by HTP.

BS PlusHTP’s solar hot water systems generally use one of two controllers: 1) BS Plus v2 variable speed solar pump controller; and 2) BX advanced variable speed solar pump controller. The Bs Plus offers basic programming features. BX is the advanced controller that will accept a Vortex flow meter for accurate BTU measurement.

Data loggers, which record live solar performance, are also recommended. HTP has long carried the DL2 data logger. Now we are carrying the DL3 data logger. This advanced data logger has simplified software and an app for the IPhone. It also allows for the solar thermal to be incorporated into a building information system through the BACnet building management system.

Now available are the following PDF documents:


New spec sheet for large volume solar storage tanks

HTP now offers large-volume solar tanks
Added Dec. 8, 2011: Large volume solar tanks are available from HTP. This is a great addition to HTP’s price list, brought on because of the growing need for larger tanks and HTP’s introduction of large volume water heaters, such as the ModCon. The specialty solar tanks, which range in size from 175 to 1,040 gallons, are generally for medium to large commercial projects.