Follow some of the projects that we at HTP Solar and Solar Skies are contributing to:

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University of Utah Dee Glen Smith Athletic Center expansion

This $20 milion project will reconstruct the U football facility. Started January 2012, with 83,165 square feet project space. The Dee Glen Smith Athletic Center is currently housed in a building that was constructed circa 1960 and served as the motor pool for the Utah National Guard. It was converted to a football support facility in 1990. The strength and conditioning area on the south end of the building was expanded by 9,300 square feet in 2009. The new project will demolish 25,000 square feet on the north end, and replace it with 58,000 of new construction. The addition will include a multi-purpose dining hall, team classrooms and auditorium, administration office, a training area, a sports medicine clinic and locker rooms.

      • Solar contractor: Lundquist Sales, Salt Lake City
      • Engineer: Colvin Engineering
      • Building contractor: Layton Construction
Architect’s drawing of new facility (click on image to enlarge)
U football quote and parts list
Solar calculations
and parts list
Solar Workbook for U football project
Solar Workbook
for U football center
Solar Phoenix drainback system for pool
HTP drawing for U of U football center solar (click to enlarge)

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Catawba College’s Physical Education Center, Salisbury, NC

Catawba College, a private, liberal-arts college in Salisbury, NC, went the route of solar because of its Climate Action Plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent per year. The focus was the Abernathy Physical Education Center, with a drainback solar thermal system that features 10 10’x12′ solar collectors, ballasted roof mountings, and three Solar Phoenix water heaters.

Since the initiation of the system in mid-2011, the system has generated an average of 2.48 million Btus per month and reduced gas bills by 58 percent compared with 2010 bills. Anticipated payback time for the system is four years.

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Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport renovation

Birmingham International Airport overviewThe Birmingham Airport Authority’s $201.6 million Terminal Modernization is expected to be finished later this year. This project includes a renovation and upgrade to the airport’s existing concourse C, as well as completely new concourses A and B. There will also be changes made to the interior lobby and ticketing area of the main terminal building, as well as improving the way passengers get from the parking deck to the terminal. More security screening areas, concessions, as well as US customs offices will be added. The new airport is said to be built with new efficient building standards, making it one of the greenest airports in the country. The project has two primary objectives: 1) Aiming to maintain current levels of net energy consumption in the expanded terminal, and 2) Seeking to mitigate storm water run-off. The renovation will include five separate drainback solar thermal systems for lavatories, with each system consisting of 6 4’x8′ flat-plate solar collectors, one SSU-119 SuperStor Ultra stainless-steel indirect tank, and one 20-gallon HTP drainback tank.

      • Solar contractor: Coleman Russell & Assoc. of Birmingham, AL
      • Engineer: KPS Group
      • Building contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie

Solar parts list for airport renovation

HTP diagram for solar system (click on image to enlarge)
Engineer schematic for solar system (click on image to enlarge)
Parts list for 5 solar systems Instructions for drainback system
Instructions for drainback system