Installation and design downloads

This page has downloads for instructions and how-to advice on installing solar thermal.

Scroll down the page to find the following downloads:

The Solar Workbook (Excel)

Solar WorkbookUpdated March 16, 2012: The Solar Workbook provides spreadsheets and worksheets to help you determine each job’s specifications and solar needs. This document focuses on sizing solar arrays, solar tank storage and pool solar, as well as pipe and expansion tank sizes.

Tank sensor placement (PowerPoint)

Added Jan. 5, 2012: This PowerPoint presentation explains where to place sensors on the Solar Phoenix and the Versa Hydro, as well as SSU and SSC tanks and other solar tanks. It discusses where to locate the sensors on the tank, as well as the actual installation of the sensor.

Flat-plate collector sensor location (PowerPoint)

Added Jan. 5, 2012: This PowerPoint presentation is focused on methods for inserting sensors into a flat-plate collector.