Two examples of live data logging

Rod and his brother, Robert Hyatt, each have a solar-thermal system for their own residential hot water. Check the live data from both solar thermal systems online. Here are links to the two systems:

Rod's systemSystem 1: Rod Hyatt’s residence

System location: Ogden, Utah, elevation of about 5,000 feet. In Ogden, summers are hot and dry, with highs frequently reaching 95°F and a few days per year reaching 100°F. Winters are cool and snowy, with highs averaging 37 °F in January. 

System components: Three 30-tube vacuum panels and a 10-gallon drainback tank, heating a 119-gallon storage tank

For a blog post detailing the specifics of Rod’s system, CLICK HERE

Robert's systemSystem 2: Robert Hyatt’s residence

System location: Mendon, Utah, with elevation of 5,500 ft. Cache County has a “humid continental climate” with hot though usually dry summers and cold winters with moderate snowfall.

System components: Three 30-tube vacuum panels and 10-gallon drainback, heating a 119-gallon Versa Hydro, which produces domestic hot water as well as space heating.