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My name is Rod Hyatt, and I welcome you to my solar blog. It’s my great hope that you’ll find it useful, informative, and up to date. I’ve been working in the solar industry for more than 20 years, and I share roles as the National Solar Sales Manager for Solar Skies, a flat-plate collector manufacturer, and as the National Solar Product Manager for HTP, a leader in the boiler industry. The two affliliated companies share an enthusiasm and partnership as leaders in the solar thermal industry.

Feel free to post your comments about any issues you’d like discussed. It will help me know what topics to cover in the future. Many of my work days are spent teaching solar professionals throughout the country; many other days are spent designing solar thermal systems, small and industrial-sized. I’m happy to answer any specific questions.

Email me at rod.hyatt@htproducts.com, or rod.hyatt@solarskies.com, or call me at (508) 542-9830.


A biographical article about Rod

Solar industry veteran Rod Hyatt is the National Sales Manager for Solar Skies, as well as the National Solar Product Manager for Heat Transfer Products, with responsibility for creating and marketing HTP’s rapidly expanding line of solar thermal products throughout North America. Solar Skies is a manufacturer of flat-plate solar collectors based in Alexandria, MN. A native of Utah, Hyatt is based near Salt Lake ity.

Hyatt brings 20 years of solar product experience to his position. His experience includes the launch of two start-ups in the field: Sun Hydronics and In Hot Water Heat & Power. He has designed and overseen installation of hundreds of solar thermal projects, from small home DHW systems to large projects such as municipal swimming pools and department stores. But things really got started when he installed the first evacuated tube collectors on a swimming pool in Utah some 18 years ago. The revolutionary solar technology was then brand new, and Rod has since watched it improve and expand. The vacuum tube collectors (HP-30SC) now offered by HTP reflect the peak of vacuum tubes’ efficiency and effectiveness. Plus, Rod believes, they’re simply beautiful to look at.

That’s not to say he isn’t in love with flat plate panels, the other solar collector technology offered by HTP. Rod assists in the design of complete solar hot water systems that utilize flat plate as well as vacuum tube collectors. And he matches them up with the super-efficient tanks and boilers that are HTP’s trademark. He’s proud of representing HTP solar products and combos, which are at the leading edge of the industry. No other company, for instance, has anything close to the Solar Phoenix Evolution, which combines domestic hot water and space heating in one appliance and includes an integral solar coil for peak solar performance.

Rod shares his expertise with contractors, architects, and engineers in solar thermal training classes throughout the United States and Canada. The high-tech classes focus on the most efficient and cost-effective methods of designing and sizing solar systems and boilers. So far, he’s taught classes in 39 our our 50 states.

Throughout the years, Rod has designed and overseen installation of hundreds of solar thermal projects, and he’s made just about every mistake in the book. As a result, his training classes incorporate his extensive hands-on know-how with his savvy design and installation curriculum. They’re popular enough to keep Rod flying across the country for weeks out of every month.

Rod has also designed what he calls The Solar Workbook. This one-of-a-kind calculation program allows contractors and others to easily size and design systems appropriate to their applications. In addition, it provides a complete parts list of HTP solar components, allowing quick calculations of each system’s cost. Its calculations work for sizing single-family residential systems as well as large systems that service office buildings, car washes, restaurants, military installations, and more.

The market for solar thermal is still young. Great opportunities await as more people realize the simple cost effectiveness and accessibility of solar hot water. And Rod plans to be there helping it along.

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